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Change Requests and Member Comments

The members of CMAHC’s Technical Review Committee (TRC) have started the MAHC change request and member comment review process. The TRC has made changes to its schedule for the current MAHC update cycle to account for scheduling difficulties related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the updated TRC Call Schedule below or click here to download a PDF. The TRC call and email summaries are posted here.

CMAHC Technical Review Committee Call Schedule
All calls 1 – 3 PM EDT
Last Updated 7/17/2020
CRs listed separated by commas are similar in nature. CRs in bold were either not addressed on the original call they were scheduled for or are being revisited.
Call Date CR#s
Discussion over email 6/16 email discussion batch:
,,,,,,,,,,,,, (Jason)

6/24 email discussion batch: (Cindy) (Joe L.)
4.6.2-0001 (Michele) (Joe L.) (Cindy) (Michele) (Cindy) (Cindy) (Amanda) (Cindy) (Amanda) (Cindy) (Chris) (Chris)

7/1 email discussion batch: (Chris)
3.2-0025 (Chris) (Chris) (Chris)
3.2-0026, 3.2-0028 (Chris)
3.2-0030 (Chris) (Chris) (Chris) (Chris),, 4.9.2-0001 (Chris) (Chris) (Chris) (Chris) (Chris) (Miklos)
3.2-0008 (Miklos) (Miklos)
3.2-0015 (Ellen) (Ellen)

7/8 email discussion batch (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.)
3.2-0031,,,,,,,, (Joe L.), (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) (Joe L.) L.)

Non-substantive CRs held for future discussion via email:
3.2-0009 (Joe S.)
3.2-0016 (Joe S.)
3.2-0027 (Joe S.) (James), (Jason),,,,,, (Joe S.) (Joe S.),,,,, (Kevin), (Jason) (Joe S.) (Joe S.)

Ventilation CRs to address via email:
4.6.2-0002,,,,,, 4.2.2-0001,, (Ellen)
Monday July 20 Substantive CRs moved from 6/22, 6/29, 7/6:
3.2-0020 (Michele)
3.2-0037 (Michele), (Michele) (Michele) (Michele), (Michele), (Chris), (Amanda), (Michele)

1.0-0001 (Michele)
3.0.1-0001 (Michele)
3.0.2-0001 (Michele)
3.2-0011 (Michele)
4.7-0001 (Michele)
4.12.10-0001, 5.12.10-0001 (Michele) (Michele), (Michele) (Michele) (Michele) (Michele), (Michele) (Michele) (Michele)

Substantive CRs moved from 6/22: (Kevin) (Kevin) (Jason) (Jason) (Jason) (Jason) (Jason)
3.4-0001 (Cindy),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (Cindy) (Cindy)

Non-substantive CRs moved from 7/13: (Joe S.) (Joe S.) (Jodi) (Jodi) (Jodi) (Jodi) (Jodi) (Jodi) (Jodi) (Jodi) (Jodi),, (Jodi) (Jodi) (Jodi), (Jodi), (Jodi)
Monday July 27 Substantive CRs moved from 6-2, 6/15, 6/22, 7/6, 7/13:, (Kevin)
3.2-0029 (Michele),,,,,, (Miklos), (Kevin), (Joe) (Kevin), (Miklos) (Michele)

Non-substantive CRs moved from 6/29:,,,,,,,,,, (Tina) (Tina) (Tina),,,, (Tina)

Email CRs pulled for call discussion and call CRs that need to be revisited:
3.2-0035, 3.2-0036,, (Jodi) (Amanda) (Cindy),,,, (Kevin) (Kevin) (Miklos)
3.2-0002 (Amanda)
3.2-0007 (Kevin)
3.2-0024 (Tina)
5.2.2-0001 (Tina) (Amanda) (Cindy)
6.6.4-0001 (Cindy) (Cindy) (Cindy) (Cindy)
6.6.5-0001 (Cindy) (Cindy) (Cindy) (Cindy) (Amanda) (Amanda) (Amanda) (Miklos) (Miklos), (Tina) (Amanda)
TBD CYA CRs to revisit:, (James)
Artificial Lagoons Ad Hoc Committee: 4.12.11-0001 (Michele)
Surf Pools Ad Hoc Committee: 4.12-0001 (Michele)
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