MAHC Update Process

The CMAHC Operational Process to Update the MAHC Every Three Years

The CMAHC operational plan was developed to put the decision making process in the hands of the CMAHC membership. The Figure illustrates the CMAHC process to recommend changes to the MAHC.

    CMAHC Process 11-15-2017
  • Suggested changes to improve and/or update the MAHC are solicited from the MAHC membership, public, or created through CMAHC Ad Hoc Committees. Suggested changes are submitted as Change Requests (CRs) for consideration prior to the triennial conference where the CRs are discussed. The electronic CR submission form will post the CR for viewing as soon as it is submitted.
  • As soon as a CR is submitted, Members can submit a Member comment by clicking on the “Submit Comments” button at the bottom of the page. The comment will be automatically posted for viewing.
  • Submitted CRs are routed to a Technical Review Committee (TRC) that reviews the CRs including the technical/scientific data or other references submitted to support the proposed change. The review also determines if the CR meets CDC MAHC style and scope guidance. The Technical Review Committee is assisted in their reviews by seven Technical Support Committees.
  • The TRC works with the Technical Support Committees to develop technical reviews taking membership comments into consideration. TRC conference calls will be open for Members to listen to the discussion and Members can submit comments afterwards that are posted for viewing during the first Member comment period.
  • All final CRs and TRC reviews and recommendations are posted on the website for viewing. The TRC recommendation is a consensus recommendation unless otherwise specified.
  • Members can submit comments on the CRs and TRC reviews and recommendations during the second round of member comment for inclusion in CR presentations until 2 weeks before the Conference begins. CRs will not be modified prior to the conference based on the 2nd member comment period.
  • The CRs are presented with recommendations and a review of membership comments at the CMAHC Triennial Conference.
    • Caucus groups are formed that deliberate amongst themselves as part of the CR discussion process.
  • The CR submitter may choose to edit the CR based on Conference attendee feedback. The edits will be reviewed by the TRC to determine if the TRC vote recommendation should be changed. Changes will be posted within 1 week after the end of the conference.
  • Voting will open 1 week after the end of the Conference and continue for 1 month after opening.
  • Members have the opportunity to reflect on the conference discussion, any new CR edits, and submit member comments to influence the vote until the vote closes.
  • Approved CRs are reviewed by the CMAHC Board of Directors and sent to CDC for final consideration for acceptance.
  • The next edition of the MAHC is posted by CDC during the swim season of the year following the conference.
  • Ad Hoc Committees develop Change Requests or collect foundational data and information needed for developing Change Requests on important issues that the membership have identified.
  • Standing Committees develop and oversee solutions to long-term CMAHC needs. Some Standing Committees suggest updates to the MAHC Annex and identify key areas or new technologies for CMAHC discussion.

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