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2017 Biennial Conference Archive: Change Requests, Technical Committee Reviews, Member Comments, and Voting Results

The 2017 CMAHC Vote on the Code Biennial Conference was held October 17-18, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. There were 179 Change requests (CRs) submitted for 2017 and voting closed on November 19, 2017.

  • 179 Change requests were submitted
    • 55.3% (99/179) were submitted by the public health sector
    • 44.7% (80/179) were submitted by the aquatics sector
  • 68% (121/179) of Change Requests passed.
    • 70.7% (70/99) of CRs submitted by the public health sector passed
    • 63.8% (51/80) of CRs submitted by the aquatics sector passed
  • The biggest indicator of passage appeared to be the TRC recommendation. All votes (178/178) were the same as the TRC vote recommendation. The one TRC vote recommendation classified as ABSTAIN resulted in a NO member vote.
    • Weighting affected 3.9% (7/179) of Change Requests. Six CRs that were NO by straight vote changed to YES on weighted vote. One tie on the popular vote changed to a YES.
    • All seven CR votes that changed due to weighting had a TRC vote recommendation of YES.

All CMAHC 2017 conference CRs, member comments, and voting results are available on this page for viewing.

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